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    Hi there
    I have a backup of an Avatar 3D movie which is in an 46.6gb iso file which i want to get to work on my 3D tv.
    I have tried to convert it to MKV by my prefered format by using MakeMKV.
    This has left me with the following files.
    1 27gb MKV file(whole movie)
    1 27.1gb MKV file(whole movie again)
    1 525MB file(which when played seems to be just a 2min teaser of the movie.
    Problem is which file or files do i use on my tv so that i can see the movie in 3D format?

    I have no idea what to do next.
    But I read somewhere that you cant simply convert 3D bluray to MKV... Because when you mount the iso file, the created image is twice as large as the iso file. So maybe that's why i have 2 the same mkv files.
    Can anyone help me out on what i need to do and use.
    Many thanks
    Would something like this help?
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    The first 1.27gb file is "left eye" and the second is "right eye" ... it's how MakeMKV works.

    Side by side encode approach is better.

    As for the second that's a bit confusing ... ssif files appear to take up the same space already allocated to m2ts files ... a very old trick.

    A "standard" copy method of the disc results in an iso twice the size as the original ... only true 1:1 copy results in the same size iso image being created.


    That link is to a tool which gives you extra options over encoding ... that's all ... either two individual files generated or one (sidebyside, over/under).
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