Hi all,

I am stuck with this problem so figured i need to ask for some help.
I am certainly not a total noob (i am a UK scene capper) but i am having a problem with CS4 and my new Camcorders footage (i have resolved some issues, but some still remain)

I purchased a Samsung HMX 200 HD Camcorder, It records in 1080I / 50fps & 720p / 50fps using h.264 codec & AAC Audio all wrapped up in an mp4 container.

Upon importing my first 720p video i noticed CS4 has no option under HDV for 720p 50fps only 720p 25fps,
I dumped the video in anyway and CS4 kept throwing up an error (the file is busy and cannot be updated)
deleting the imported file and re-importing seemed to cure it and after messing around i found that disabling "write XMP metadata to file on import" under media preferences fixed that issue

Then i noticed the footage was appearing as 4:3, i again managed to fix this by interpreting the footage as 1:1 pixel aspect ratio

However here are the problems i have left.

1. the video is so stuttery it has to be rendered (my previous HD camera did 720p / 25fps MJPEG codec videos and these were so easy to edit and required no rendering
(i tried converting a h.264 to MJPEG but still slow and required rendering.

2. the h.264 files are being reported as 26.6fps (even though they are 50fps) I can again interpret footgae and over ride but why are they being shown as the wrong frame rate?

3.where the hell is the option to output/export 720p / 50fps too?
I can export as 720p / 25fps but that will mean half the frames are dropped.

Anyone know what pre-set i should be using in CS4, and of anyway to losslessly convert the h.264`s into something easily editable in CS4 without having to ****in render everything?

Apologies for the long post, this is pissing me off now, i just cannot seem to get it working smoothly lol