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    Hi,I have a PC that I want to use as a htpc/media streamer.I have looked at the parts to make sure they can handle the job and there are no issues.So I pose afew questions to everybody.
    1:What are some plausible htpc software solutions that use an OS or their own os for my purpose and what are your opinions on them.
    2:Is it worth me building just a straight nas box to do my streaming using applicable software.
    3:Has any had/have issues with ps3 not playing the whole folder of a DVD rip(vob folder),It will play/see them as separate sections but not the whole thing like a pc software player.

    Media would be music,tv,movies-bluray playback included.I am not worries about conversion or ripping/encoding as I have learned what I need already.Thanks for any help/links with this.
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  2. I'm not sure exactly how you plan to use the HTPC. As a pretty front end, Boxee runs on both Windows an Linux. You don't need anything special to share files across a network. If you have DLNA devices Win7 has a DLNA server. You can run PlayOn as a DLNA server on XP. There are lots of free DLNA servers too, both Windows and Linux.
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