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    Hello. I ordered a DVD online. I didn't notice anything on the screen about the Regional Code (for Europe). Can't play it in any three of our DVD players..but have rec'd some help from the nice gentlemen who sold it to me. He gave me details on how to change regional code- but it's not working. I have an INSIGNA IS-DVD040924. That's the one I'm trying to get programmed to play the movie. By the way it's the older movie called The Entity..Anyone have this problem?

    Have a nice day!
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  2. Region code hack:

    Even if you can get past the region code you may have problems playing PAL (European standard) DVDs on an NTSC (North American standard) DVD player.
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    You can also rip the DVD to your hard drive (ripping always removes region coding) and reburn it, but as jagabo points out even if you get past the region coding issue via a working hack or ripping and reburning, you may still have PAL video issues to deal with. You could play such a region free PAL disc on a PC with no problems though.
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