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  1. How to convet mpv file to m2v file format?
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  2. If it's already DVD compliant, you don't have to. An authoring program will author a compliant MPV as easily as it will an M2V. But, if it came out of CCE as a progressive 23.976fps MPV video, you'll have to run it through DGPulldown to apply pulldown, and in the process it'll become a DVD compliant interlaced 29.97fps M2V. Although it's pretty pointless, if your MPV is progressive and you want an M2V but at the same framerate (23.976, 25, 29.97fps, all progressive), then run it through DGPulldown with the input framerate set the same as the output framerate.
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  3. manono

    Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.

    one more personal Q to you?
    Are you the author of manono matrix?
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  4. Not exactly the author. I grabbed it off of a retail DVD. I just brought it to the attention of the world () and hank315 (the HCEnc developer) asked for permission to use it, permission I gladly gave. He named it the manono matrix, not I. I call it something completely different.
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  5. manono

    Smart Guy 'N' Smart Reply.
    Can not believe this " Not exactly the author. I grabbed it off of a retail DVD." coz one is Ok. Two makes to believe u r the auhtor, and Threesum is really Awesome. neway, I will be in touch with you very shortly.

    By the way, DGPulldown by Donald A Graft worked great as you said.
    There are tons of people here (particularly authors of nice Freebies) I wud like to say BiG ThaNk YoU! and share a coffee or a BeeR for their excellent contribution to video enthusiastics coz when it comes to share a very few can do it while rest believes in just grabbing.
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