AVC2AVI Revision 594 (including GUI ver. 1.2) if i convert h264 file larger than 1.5gb to avi, vdub tries to convert file using its aviimport mode but simply stops at about 1.5gb file open, i tried to fix using manual select open options ask vdub to recalculate keyframes it takes much longer to open still stops at about 1.5gb, to fix this i downloaded avc2avi mod, which came nice simple text of dos command options, i used avc2avi mod to convert the file to segments less than 1gb(avc2avi -f 23.976 -s 995 -i x.h264 -o x.avi), then i opened first avi file segment with vdub(+ffdshow as my codec) appended the other 2 segments and added the audio that i had saved seperately and did direct save single file output it worked perfectly and audio was perfect in sync
please fix AVC2AVI GUI to include segments section, i recommend it should be set default to 1gb max