Hello guys have you recently noticed a change in audio compression for YT? like 3 months ago every version from 360p to 1080p had 128kbit "acceptable" quality. Later for my 2 videos 360p , 720p, 1080p were equal except 480p was encoded at 96kbit with a pretty obvious degrade in quality. Now a video uploaded 2 days ago shows that only 720p and 1080p are encoded at 128kbit the others suck!
I thought it had to do with 48khz sample rate of my videos but after uploading some test videos also at 44khz that happens.

I always upload Mp4/mkv with h.264 video and 256kbit 2.0 AAC audio

I doubt YT is saving bandwith on that 32kbit difference considering they offer 1080p encoding!