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  1. Anyone know of a way to batch convert .mkv files to .mp4? I'm trying to get an anime series into .mp4 so i can play it on my iPod/Phone but the English subtitles are only softsubs and they arent converted over when i use my usual converter (Xilisoft Video Converter). Ive tried opening them using an AviSynth script and VirtualDub, and using VodSub to hardcode the subtitles. The subtitles work fine but the .mkv files keep getting terribly out of sync with the audio when they are converted. That problem seems to go away when i convert them to .mp4 without subs and then use VirtualDub to hardcode the subs, but then i have to convert that .avi file from VirtualDub to .mp4 for it to be playable on my iPod. Thats three conversions for each of the videos, and each of which I have to do manually and that takes WAY too long. Any ideas how to convert many videos from .mkv to .mp4 faster with the least amount of conversions or work??
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  2. To anyone who cares:

    After searching the webs, i found a guide that used a combination of FFDShow, Haali Media Spliter, Avisynth, and several other things. In the end the thing didnt work but in the process of following it, I accidenlty turned on the "Subtitles" options for FFDShow and when i later used Xilisoft Video Converter to convert a video, i noticed that it had been hardcoded with the subs. After messing around with it, i figured out that you need to turn on the Subtitles option for FFDShow and have the video and subtitle file with the same name in the same folder(i got the sub file using MKVExtractGui2 ). By doing so, you can hardcode subs from the .mkv video to .mp4 using any converter that uses FFDShow(such as Xilisoft) in just one
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