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    First I really wanna point out that I am an über n00b in this field.... After reading this post I am sure you figured this out

    I have some questions about embedding subs into my AVI and DIVX files. The reason I need this is here....

    I got me a
    Samsung LN55A950 120HZ LCD tv. One of the TV's features is that I can plug in my portable harddrive in a USB port, and simply watch DIVX and AVI files straight from the harddrive. The problem is that if I want the movies subtitled it has to be embedded in the file for the TV to be able to show it..

    I've looked around on the internet, and found a guide for doing this on This worked somewhat, except the sound were totally out of sync. So I ended up with a movie with subtitled that only a deaf person could enjoy!

    Anyone able to assist me with a nice way to embed my subs and still have the sound as before the process began?

    Any inputs would be highly appriciated


    P.S I know there is a sticky here regarding my topic, but the last post on that is super old.
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    Rather that doing that re-encoding just to please your TV, could you not please consider just making your life easier and buying a media player like the Western Digital HD TV Live? No re-encoding necessary. TVs are terrible playback devices. They have all kinds of limitations as you now know. Just get a media streamer and get on with your life. Plus a media streamer will play other types of files that your TV will not play at all.
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