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  1. My log file is below, as is a link to the video I'm trying to get over from my Samsung HMX-H205 high-def camcorder to an AVCHD DVD.

    I've read this forum until I'm blue in the face and have made minor adjustments here and there as recommended to the multiAVCHD settings to no avail. I have the same end result each time. A video that plays great on the resulting AVCHD DVD, but the audio is running about 4-5 seconds before the video the entire way through the video.

    Any last suggestions based on the log file information below and / or assessment of the 1920 x 1080 / 59.94i video found in the link below? I'd really like to get multiAVCHD to work for me but I'm just about to throw in the towel and try something else.



    [19:38:12] Initialising...
    [19:38:12] Checking for new version...
    [19:38:13] You have the latest build.
    [19:38:13] Consistency check finished!
    [19:38:13] Initialization finished. multiAVCHD is ready!

    [19:38:13] 1 year and 298 days since multiAVCHD was published.
    [19:38:13] 372 people supported it with donations
    [19:38:13] and you are the 3611611 one to launch the program...
    [19:38:13] Support multiAVCHD to extend its features and keep it going!

    [19:38:13] multiAVCHD.dat version: [04010767]
    [19:38:20] Audio track #2 name: [HMX200]

    [19:40:20] Checking for available space and drive types (FAT32/NTFS)...
    [19:40:22] Destination [c:]: NTFS, 269200.77 MiB (262.891 GiB) free space
    [19:40:22] Temp folder [c:]: NTFS, 269200.77 MiB (262.891 GiB) free space

    [19:40:22] Log started for multiAVCHD v4.1 (build 770)
    [19:40:22] Selected output mode: AVCHD compatible player (DVD/BD-R disc)

    [19:40:22] Processing one title...
    [19:40:22] Existing c:\multiAVCHD\AVCHD\ cannot be used as destination folder!
    [19:40:22] Output will be written to: c:\multiAVCHD\AVCHD-20101020-194022
    [19:40:22] Strict AVCHD folder mode is enabled...
    [19:40:22] Processing (C:\Users\Brad\Desktop\CamcorderVideoToEdit\100VID EO\20100608RachelSwimmingSinging.MP4)...
    [19:40:22] Pre-processing...
    [19:40:26] This title is marked for reencoding / uncropping...
    [19:40:26] Encoding process may take 10 min to 10 hours, so be patient...

    [19:40:26] *** Initiating video encoding:

    [19:40:26] *** Original : 1920x1080
    [19:40:26] *** Crop : 0
    [19:40:26] *** Resize : 1920x1080 (No change)
    [19:40:26] *** Uncrop to : 1920x1080
    [19:40:26] *** Sharpen : 0
    [19:40:26] *** Bitrate : 17028 kbps
    [19:40:26] *** Frame rate: 29.970 (59.940)
    [19:40:26] *** Level : 4
    [19:40:26] *** Quality : Two pass (normal quality)
    [19:40:26] *** SAR : 1:1
    [19:40:26] *** DAR : 1920x1080
    [19:40:26] *** Profile : Blu-ray

    [19:40:26] *** Encoding : Pass one - content: [00:02:09]
    [19:40:26] *** Encoding : x264 options: -B 17028 --interlaced --direct spatial -p 1 --stats "c:\multiAVCHD\_TEMP\multiTEMP-20101020\x264-stats.txt" -I 30 --level 4 -i 2 -r 4 --mixed-refs -b 3 --weightb -m 1 -A p8x8,b8x8,i4x4,i8x8 --8x8dct --ipratio 1.1 --pbratio 1.1 --vbv-bufsize 15000 --vbv-maxrate 14000 --qcomp 0.5 --merange 12 --threads 2 --thread-input -t 0 --mvrange 511 --aud --nal-hrd vbr --sar 1:1 --b-pyramid strict --slices 0 --weightp 0 --rc-lookahead 30 --no-mbtree -o NUL "c:\multiAVCHD\_TEMP\multiTEMP-20101020\20101020-194026-uncrop-running.avs"
    [19:46:07] *** Speed P1 : 11.36 fps (elapsed: 00:05:40)
    [19:46:07] *** Encoding : Pass two
    [19:46:07] *** Encoding : x264 options: -B 17028 --interlaced --direct spatial -p 2 --stats "c:\multiAVCHD\_TEMP\multiTEMP-20101020\x264-stats.txt" -I 30 --level 4 -i 2 -r 4 --mixed-refs -b 3 --weightb -m 5 -A p8x8,b8x8,i4x4,i8x8 --8x8dct --ipratio 1.1 --pbratio 1.1 --vbv-bufsize 15000 --vbv-maxrate 14000 --qcomp 0.5 --merange 12 --threads 2 --thread-input -t 0 --mvrange 511 --aud --nal-hrd vbr --sar 1:1 --b-pyramid strict --slices 0 --weightp 0 --rc-lookahead 30 --no-mbtree -o "c:\multiAVCHD\_TEMP\multiTEMP-20101020\20100608RachelSwimmingSinging_new.[1920x1080-29.970].264" "c:\multiAVCHD\_TEMP\multiTEMP-20101020\20101020-194026-uncrop-running.avs"
    [20:06:33] *** Close to completion - closing preview...
    [20:08:06] *** Speed P2 : 2.93 fps (elapsed: 00:21:58)
    [20:08:06] *** Speed : 2.33 fps overall (elapsed: 00:27:39 - Realtime x 0.08)

    [20:08:06] *** Transcoding successful!

    [20:08:06] Detected frame reference count: 3 (max:4).
    [20:08:06] Detected video: ID#0:V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC 1920x1080, fps=29.970, ref=3
    [20:08:06] Detected audio: ID#2:A_AAC (48000Hz 16bit 2ch 128kbps) Language: und
    [20:08:06] Attempting to convert A_AAC audio track #2...
    [20:08:06] Demuxing AAC audio...
    [20:08:07] Decoding AAC to PCM audio...
    [20:08:08] Track has 2 channels.
    [20:08:08] Encoding PCM to AC3 audio... (24776704 b)
    [20:09:11] AAC to AC3 conversion successful!
    [20:09:11] Added audio: A_AC3, "c:\multiAVCHD\_TEMP\multiTEMP-20101020\temp-2.ac3", lang=und
    [20:09:11] AR of 16:9 will be set for this title.
    [20:09:11] M2TS stream split set at 4000MiB...
    [20:09:11] Creating clip and playlist info (tsMuxeR)...

    tsMuxeR (Version 1.10.6) output:
    ================================================== =============================
    Decoding H264 stream (track 1): Profile: High@4.0 Resolution: 1920:1080i Frame rate: 29.97
    Change H264 level from 4 to 4.1
    H.264 stream does not contain fps field. Muxing fps=29.97
    Decoding AC3 stream (track 2): Bitrate: 128Kbps Sample Rate: 48KHz Channels: 2
    B-pyramid level 1 detected. Shift DTS to 2 frames
    Processed 3869 video frames
    Creation of Blu-ray playlist
    Creation of Blu-ray stream info and seek index
    Mux successful complete.
    Muxing time: 5 sec
    ================================================== =============================

    ================================================== =============================
    tsMuxeR meta:
    ================================================== =============================
    MUXOPT --no-pcr-on-video-pid --new-audio-pes --blu-ray --vbr --custom-chapters=00:00:00.000 --split-size=4000MiB --vbv-len=500
    V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC, "c:\multiAVCHD\_TEMP\multiTEMP-20101020\20100608RachelSwimmingSinging_new.[1920x1080-29.970].264", insertSEI, contSPS, lang=eng, level=4.1, fps=29.970
    A_AC3, "c:\multiAVCHD\_TEMP\multiTEMP-20101020\temp-2.ac3", lang=und
    ================================================== =============================
    [20:09:16] Media transfer: 00000 -> 00000.m2ts
    [20:09:16] Processing playlist...
    [20:09:17] Title #1 added: "20100608RachelSwimmingSinging"
    [20:09:17] Verifying title...
    [20:09:20] Title has: 1 audio tracks and 0 subtitle tracks

    [20:09:20] Preparing authoring information...
    [20:09:20] Creating NTSC top menu.
    [20:09:20] Setting pop-up menu...
    [20:09:21] *** [00000.mpls] - Adding pop-up menu [1080p]...
    [20:09:21] *** Completed!
    [20:09:21] Authoring menu (NTSC).
    [20:09:22] Creating title thumbnails for 1 titles (SLI)...
    [20:09:27] Using 1 thumbnail/chapter links for title #1...
    [20:09:27] *** Extracting 1 chapter thumbnails...
    [20:09:27] *** Chapter #1 [00:00:00.000] set for thumbnail at [00:01:04.530]
    [20:09:29] Image processing for SLI menu completed!

    [20:09:29] Preparing menu pages...

    [20:09:30] Encoding static SLI menu page [1/1] [Static title thumbnail].
    [20:09:57] Encoding static SLI menu page [1/1]: Chapter page [1/1].
    [20:10:02] Encoding static SLI menu page [1/1]: Setup page (audio/subtitle).
    [20:10:05] Menu authoring completed.

    [20:10:07] Encoding Title List menu page [1/1].
    [20:10:23] Setting main menu for 1 titles...
    [20:10:23] Go to menu after last title.
    [20:10:23] Setting menu properties...
    [20:10:23] Selected TV system: [NTSC]
    [20:10:23] Processing clip (CPI/CLPI) files...
    [20:10:24] Completed.
    [20:10:29] Preparing AVCHDTN database...
    [20:10:30] Database and index created!
    [20:10:30] Done!

    [20:10:30] Saving multiAVCHD quick-load project (mpf):
    [20:10:30] c:\multiAVCHD\AVCHD-20101020-194022\multiAVCHD.mpf (OK!)

    Compilation summary:
    Format: AVCHD compatible player (DVD/BD-R disc)
    Name : multiAVCHD
    ================================================== =============================
    1. 20100608RachelSwimmingSinging [00:02:09]
    ================================================== =============================
    Overall duration : 00:02:09
    Output size : 288 MiB (0.281 GiB)

    [20:10:30] c:\multiAVCHD\AVCHD-20101020-194022 folder created (AVCHD/Blu-ray output)!
    [20:10:30] Burn its CONTENTS to DVD R/RW UDF 2.50/2.60 disc!
    [20:10:31] Launching ImgBurn...
    [20:18:34] You may now remove temp folder (c:\multiAVCHD\_TEMP\multiTEMP-20101020\).
    [20:18:34] Your compilation contains 0hrs 2min 9sec of video material.

    [20:18:34] multiAVCHD finished in 2292.559 seconds (00:38:12.558)!

    [20:18:34] End of log.
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    I use MultiAVCHD daily and rarely have any problems with a/v sync issues except when my hard drive can't keep up. Unfortunately this isn't a solution, but I gave your clip a try and was not able to get a satisfactory AVCHD either. The only thing I noticed was when I ran the clip through MediaInfo and noticed that your video is variable and the audio is constant, and in my experience I experience a/v sync issues when I don't have constant audio and video bitrates.

    I'll be interested to see what the more knowledgeable people suggest for solutions.
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  3. Many thanks for the reply. Looks like I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and get a BluRay burner and just burn everything to BluRay discs if something else doesn't work out w/the AVCHD DVDs. Thanks again for your time in helping me troubleshoot this...
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    Play the m2ts file in the stream folder with mpchc and click on the menu play/audio option and adjust audio time shift till you get the audio/video in sync,then use that value in tsmuxer in the delay option when you click on the audio.Then save as another m2ts file.
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  5. If the delay is constant and not increasing, this is a piece of cake to fix. Not unusual at all and no big problem. Johns0 laid out one solution.
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  6. I've tried the steps suggested by Johns0 with no luck... I never can get the video / audio even halfway close to being synchronized... this sucks... tons of footage and can't get it to AVCHD DVD to save my life...
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  7. I'm a Super Moderator johns0's Avatar
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    Post a short clip.
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  8. Here's a short clip. This is the original clip that plays fine in its native format. When I run the clip in the attached link through multiAVCHD, that's when I end up with audio that comes about 4-5 seconds in advance of the video.

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  9. One thing that I'm curious about is that I've been taking the video files that I've copied from my camcorder's memory card to a folder on my laptop.

    I then have been dealing with the processing of those video files on my laptop and the creation of the resulting folders needed to burn an AVCHD DVD all on my laptop.

    I wonder if the audio / video sync issues are due to all of the files being dealt with on my laptop? What I'm saying is that maybe I should try having the *destination* folder where the directory structure and resulting files for the AVCHD DVD built on an external hard drive attached to my laptop... that way, the originating video files are on my laptop and the destination files that multiAVCHD creates are on a separate hard drive and therefore my laptop's hard drive isn't having to do "double duty" with trying to read/write files all on the same drive.

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