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  1. Just today all of a sudden instead of audio my headphones started to produce type of a hissing noise instead of sound. I do not have speakers and always listen to music or youtube through headphones.
    I tried another pair of headphones and the noise persisted. The noise also happens when I move the volume slider up or down.

    Its a win xp machine. I am not very technical but think there is no sound card and just uses the onboard audio?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Check your audio card settings. Control Panel>Sound. You may also have a specific listing for your audio card there, even if it is on board. I have a VIA chipset manager on this laptop and one of my other PCs has a Realtek chipset audio manager. There should be lots of settings available there. I suspect one of your programs changed the audio output settings.

    And welcome to our forums.
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  3. Thanks for the welcome. My wish is to have this restored somehow and not having to think of getting a new motherboard.
    I had to put my volume on mute because the noise is pretty bad.

    The only things I have listed in my Device Manger Sounds, video are
    Audio Codecs , Legacy Audio Drivers , Legacy Video Capture Devices , Media Control Devices and Video Codecs
    Video Codecs

    I dont see Realtek chipset audio manager or anything like that.

    Thank you again.
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  4. also I tried to restore to the day I know when it was working and unfortunately no change.
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    Try using SIW ... choose the "SIW Without Installer (English-Only)" down below.

    Once downloaded, run, then in left column come down to HARDWARE then MOTHERBOARD ... You can simply highlight "motherboard" the right click it and select export > text ... this you can copy the contents and post in reply.

    Do the same for "sound device" just below there.

    Q: Which ports are you using on the system ... front or back ?
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  6. i have downloaded SIW but it would not let me export on the free version. I have the headphones plugged in the back.
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