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  1. I'm hoping someone can answer this...I'm totally confused at the moment, and I'm hoping this is in the right spot...

    I have a Sony Bravia TV. Connected to it is BluRay (via HDMI), DVR/cable box (via HDMI), Surround sound (reg component plugs) and Xbox 360 (via HDMI)

    Each item has an "input" button sorta. So if I want to use BluRay I switch to the "BluRay" input.

    Now...I need to connect my DVD recorder to so I can record something from my is NOT HDMI. how do I go about doing this since I need to have it on a special input to run different components?

    I don't want it permanently hooked up, so I really don't want to go removing all cords...and redoing everything. Just looking for a quick solution. But I'm thinking the only solution is more complicated then I'd like...

    If it helps I have a Sony Bravia KDL-46S5100 and the DVR is a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 HDC from Charter Communications, it does have the white/yellow/red plugs on the front (and back I assume), but to plug something into that, I need to switch the source on the DVR and that defeats the purpose...I tried plugging the red/white/yellow cords from DVD IN to DVR OUT on the back (my DVR states to plug a vcr into Out #2 on the back to record) so I tried this, and all I got was fuzz and I couldn't see my DVD menu stuff.

    With my old tv I had to do the following:
    VCR to DVD Recorder Hookup

    VCR out to DVD in

    DVD Player must be plugged into TV using Yellow/Red/White cords

    Back of DVD player outs to TV ins

    VCR ant out to DVD player ant in

    DVD player ant out to tv ant in
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  2. The best you could get is probably the S-video out (plus red/white audio out) from the DVR (SA box) to the S-Video in (with red/white audio) of the DVD recorder. The yellow/red/white out from the DVR to the yellow/red/white in of the DVD recorder connection is of lower quality. Then I would connect the component out (red/green/blue, aka RGB and red/white audio to the TV's component input or just the simple yellow/red/white input of the TV to monitor the recorder.

    To be able to offload recordings from the DVR to the recorder you might to change the resolution setting of the DVR (SA box) down to 480i as the recorder cannot accept or record any signals higher than 480i. Different providers set their boxes and outputs to work differently. Maybe it does output both HD through HDMI and SD through other outputs at the same time, this is something you'll need to test out. It might be the cause of getting a "fuzz" signal.

    Once you have the signal reception issue solved, you may also need to change the aspect ratio from 16:9 to 4:3 so the recording will not be "squished" (looks like tall and skinny people). This will depends on your cable provider if they are sending 16:9 through S-Video, if not, then leave as is and you'll get a letterbox picture. A letterbox recording can be later zoomed (either through the TV settings or dvd player settings). This will fill up the screen but will come with a loss in sharpness of course (zoomed up, upscaled 480i recording).

    If the provider does send 16:9 through S-Video (which I doubt) then you would have the choice of purposely doing "squished" recordings which is called "anamorphic" and when played, set the TV to "wide/stretch". This will take the anamorphic picture and stretch it out to 'unsquish" the picture and fill up the screen correctly (stretched, upscaled 480i recording), a lesser loss in picture quality, or you can stick with the directions above (letterbox).

    The pain is always having to change some of the settings of the DVR (SA box) back up for HD viewing (resolution, aspect ration), somewhat of a pain but this is the only options with a DVD recorder. I do my offloads when the DVR box is not used for viewing (before going to bed, gone shopping etc...)

    I personally have a few dvd recorders with Component inputs and do anamorphic recordings. I also do letterbox with my S-Video input recorders. Keeps me busy !!!
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  3. I got it to work with the same connection settings I posted. It was a pain and I had to move everything lol. But I think I'm just gonna leave it connected if I can find a spot for it.

    Problem is that a lot of the times the DVD Recorder doesn't record properly and its a piece of junk lmao
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