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  1. MrC

    I love your program AVS2DVD very much; however, when I played back a dvd I recently authored there seem to be functionality issue. I authored a DVD of 20 music video clips of various artists. When I press the "Play All" button all the video clips will play consecutively and I'm very happy with that. But when I select to play video clip #6 and want to continue to the rest of video from there through Video clip#20, that does not happen instead it will play video clip #6 and return to the "Top menu". I realized that with other softwares I have used in the past, there is instruction to "play next clip" in the setup area before the authoring commence. Would you kindly point me to where I can find the setup in AVS2DVD or how to accomplish this task. Thanks for the excellent program.

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  2. Hi zonag5,

    thanks for the kind words.

    As you should know, AVStoDVD is basically a sort of batch launcher of a list of freeware softwares needed to convert any file and create a DVD. Muxman is used to perform the authoring steps. Muxman is powerful but quite difficult to launch (with customizations like your request).

    Some years ago, a very smart guy, Sir Dydimus, developed BatchMux that is very good and easy Muxman wrapper. Unfortunately the functionalities of BatchMux are limited and do not include the possibility to customize the "after PGC playback" command. Unfortunately (again) BatchMux has not been updated in the last 2 years and it is not open source.

    So far I have no plan to create a new wrapper to Muxman, thus no customizations like your request will be available. Anyway, any help would be very appreciated.


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    zonag5 please stop cross posting. I have deleted your other 3 posts!?!
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    What is happening with your dvd is what happens with virtually every dvd either privately made or commercially produced. You appear to be confusing video titles, which is what you have, and one title and multiple chapters. Chapters, by default will usually contine to the next chapter (of the same title) but can not continue to a chapter in another title.

    If you want the functionality you desire, your simplest option is to make one video out of all the single clips and break that down in to chapters (I asume that this program can do this)

    Commercial disks typically do it in one of two ways. The first is as described above with one large clip for the 'play all' and seperate titles to play the single clips. The other way is to create a 'playlist' of all the clips and, again, seperate titles for the single clips.

    Some dvd authoring programs will allow you to make multiple playlists which will give you the functionality you desire. But this is not standard and you would need one playlist for every single video. DVDlab pro will also allow you to change the default (back to root menu) option after playing a single clip but this software is not free and, again, this behaviour is not standard.
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    DVD Flick is another free encoding-authoring tool that will allow you to put multiple clips into a single title, with chapter stops at the start of each clip.
    Read my blog here.
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