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  1. I'm having real problem figuring out an easy way to do this.

    Basically, I want to convert videos from my digital camera to fit a certain file size using SUPER. I really like SUPER for its speed and flexibility with regarding to handling any file type, but it has some user-friendliness problems.

    My most common scenario is converting 1 hr of 640x480 digicam video (from a Canon SD1200), to a file that fits on a regular CD (700MB). Or 2 hrs to 700 MB.

    What I do now is blind trial and error, playing around with various output containers, bitrates, etc. Is there any really good settings I should use to optimize the best video quality I can get for this target file size? Maybe some good existing guides I can read?

    I know some other converters does have a friendly feature that lets you input the desired final file size and then does everything itself, but I'd like a little more control and understanding of the process.
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    Use a bitrate calculator. Its file size = bitrate x runtime. There are plenty available in the tools section on the left of the screen.
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