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  1. i am trying to extract wav from mp4 (h264 aac) file in virtualdub, OS win 7 64 bit but using the 32 bit VirtualDub-1.9.10, K lite megacodec pack 640 32 bit as recommended installed at default settings & later after trying the methods mentioned below & failing at them, installed k lite codec pack 64 bit with results as before.

    1st method

    the avs script DirectShowSource("E:\Buffy\VirtualDub-1.9.10.mp4", fps=29.97, convertfps=true)
    in this method the wav extracted is double the frame rate, i.e., the audio is very fast.
    & in the file info when i load mp4, the audio shows as pcm audio not aac.

    2nd method

    with this method when i try to extract wav at full processing mode, it gives the no audio decompressor error though wav can be extracted at direct stream copy mode.
    & when i try to look at the file info, it open the DShowInputDriver options window

    even though i have already added mp4 in the file type, then also it just opens the DShowInputDriver options window

    now here is the thing, both these methods of extracting wav at full processing mode work fine with my desktop which is 32 bit xp.

    except about the file info thing in both the cases is same, i.e, with 32 bit xp or 64 bit win7, the avs script method shows the audio of mp4 as pcm audio
    & with DShowInputDriver.vdplugin, opens the DShowInputDriver options window.

    now can some give me some advise on this, & any other alternate plugins too to open mp4 file in virtual dub & extract wav.

    any help will be appreciated.

    ps: i am trying to convert mp4 vidz (h264+aac) to avi (xvid+mp3) with virtualdub.
    My method, extract raw h264 with mp4box & frameserve with dgavcdec109 in virtualdub & convert/ encode to xvid.
    for audio i extract wav if on my 32 bit desktop & convert it to mp3 & if i am working on my laptop (win 7 64 bit), i just extract aac with mp4box as i already said above, extracting wav doesnot work on it & then convert aac to mp3 with nero wav editor.

    so i am open to alternate suggestions of conversion too, like with AVS video Converter latest version, but i am not sure how are the results with it in comparison to virtualdub as have never used AVS video converter before.
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    Just use xmedia recode (or another ffmpeg frontend), open mp4, choose profile avi and xvid codec. Add job. Convert.
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  3. thanks for the suggestion but still i will like to know why i can extract wav in 32 bit xp & not on win 7 64 bit with virtualdub.
    except for the operating system, everything is the same, i.e, both have k lite megacodec pack installed on default settings, i use the same 2 methods i know of to extract wav (avs script DirectShowSource or DShowInputDriver.vdplugin), even tried the 64 bit DShowInputDriver.vdplugin on win 7 but the same results.
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