I have a Pioneer SD-P50A3 projection TV. The television was bought used. The clarity just isnt there; the coloring isnt right and the sharpness isnt there either.

I am not a technician by any means but I do have the desire to resolve the issue personally. I've already tried messing with the on-screen settings for convergence and sharpness and such but still the the coloring is no good. Areas where the screen should be fully blue appear purpleish, and skin tones arent right. Overall its like looking at a muddy mess; its still watchable but compared to what a standard projection offers there is definitely something wrong.

I do have the service manual for the unit. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4409n1wada42rb6/SD-P50A3%20Projection%20TV.pdf

I was thinking maybe the projections lens needed cleaning or physically tweaking? Any pointers on improving the convergence, clarity, and such BEYOND the on-screen display would be very helpful.