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  1. I exported a video at H.264 and 1920 x 1080 HD with a bitrate of 16200 kb/sec, and then uploaded it onto YouTube. My boss thinks the way the video looks on YouTube is unacceptable and that it's my fault.. Is the reason why it doesn't look exactly like the original because of YouTube or does it have to do with the way I exported it?? Please let me know. Thank you.
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  3. The original file says: 720 x 480, it is a .mov, file size is 137 MB, Apple Intermediate Codec, Linear PCM..
    I edited it in iMovie and I exported it into Quicktime at the settings I mentioned to try to ensure the highest possible quality.
    My boss simply thinks that the version on YouTube is bad quality. When compared with the original file, I think it is good, but there is some slight definition missing in background objects that he is noticing..
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  4. The file I uploaded to YouTube is a .m4v
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  8. Your boss is right. You botched the job.

    1. The aspect ratio is wrong. The black bars are way too big and people look too fat. Round things in the video look slightly oval shaped. If this movie is supposed to be 1.85:1, you made it something like 2.1:1
    2. The black levels are ruined and look too grey. The whites are partly blown out.
    3. Every 5th frame is a duplicate frame and it plays jerky. My guess is you deinterlaced it instead of performing an IVTC. It's 29.97fps where it should be 23.976fps.
    4. I've never seen censoring done before using black boxes. Couldn't you have just added blur boxes?
    5. And in my opion, upscaling standard def DVD sources to hi-def is silly. Since there's a hi-def master for this thing available, couldn't they have made that available?
    6. The fact that YouTube reencodes everything using very low bitrates doesn't help, of course, but you could have provided a better quality upload.
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    I believe the source is the MOV file from the second link, which has all the same problems, but hasn't been upscaled in iMovie.
    Read my blog here.
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  10. Oh, the trailer is the same way? I didn't feel like installing a Quicktime plugin and so I didn't see the trailer. I just downloaded the YouTube 480p version and studied it for awhile.
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  12. ha, well it wasn't my idea to use the black boxes. thats how he requested it. and yeah, the original trailer has those same aspect ratio/frame issues...
    the original is also a .mov 720 x 480 file.... i will check to see if there might be a hi-def master, but i'm pretty sure this is it. :/
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  13. You can fix the black level and adjust aspect ratio before uploading to Youtube.
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  14. Originally Posted by cybershot View Post
    yeh the trailer is the same way you lazy cyber sissy bastard
    If you're trying to be funny, you're not. Even if the source is messed up like that, there's no reason you can't fix it. In fact it's fairly simple to make great improvements with it. Of course, you have to know what you're doing and since you didn't even notice obvious problems with the source, then... The problems with your upload are amplified by YouTube's lousy encoding practices. Upload in better quality and YouTube's resulting reencode will also look better.

    There's a hi-def source somewhere. This review mentions it so somewhere in the advertising for this garbage movie, perhaps on the DVD case itself, must be mention of it:

    The film was shot in HD and Cult Epic's cover announces that it comes from an HD master...
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  15. my job isn't to correct the original trailer that's already up on the site. it was simply to put blocks over the nudity then upload it onto youtube. in the process of doing that, my boss seemed to think the quality got messed up as a result of me. i've stated what i did and what settings i exported the video in, and all i was really seeking was an answer to why the quality might be degraded after i censored it. if the problem was with the original trailer, then my boss will have the original editor look at it. i did notice the original trailer's aspect ratio was not right, but that was the only source material i had to work with. as for "upload in better quality", i tried upgrading the bitrate to 600,000 and doing various other things and nothing seemed to matter when i uploaded the video on youtube- perhaps as a result of youtube's encoding practices, i am not sure, that is why i posted here to ask.
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  16. If you don't get access to the HD master, you might consider using the trailer from the DVD as your source, rather than the already ruined MOV version of the trailer. Wouldn't the MOV version have been made from the one on the DVD? Whoever made that MOV trailer obviously didn't know what he was doing if it's essentially the same as that YouTube video.
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  17. Youtube recompresses everything you upload. It doesn't matter how good or bad your video is, they will recompress it to suit their needs. They don't care about the quality.

    Every time a video is compressed with a lossy codec there is some loss of quality. You're starting with a poor video, adding black boxes, compressing it with a lossy codec, then uploading it to Youtube who recompresses it again. That's two more lossy recompressions, two more opportunities for quality loss.

    The major problem with your Youtube video is the artifacts in the not-so-black background. If you adjust the black levels those artifacts will be much less noticeable and the video will look much better. Your boss will be happy.
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