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Poll: How much do you customize your desktop?

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  1. I'm a Super Moderator johns0's Avatar
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    I use classic start menu program so i can get the win98 type of menu,i don't like the default menu of win7 and it doesn't give the option to use the type of menu i like.

    Thanks to usually_quiet for the poll.
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    I am responsible for the suggestion, so I'll go next.

    After happily using the standard options provided by my OS for many years, I decided to try a little desktop customization for fun after I built my new PC. I started out with downloading gadgets for Windows 7 and NASA/space wallpapers.

    Recently, I decided I wanted a cleaner, more unified look, so began browsing the web for ideas. I saw a theme I liked, then hunted down, downloaded and installed the wallpaper, I found a matching skin for Firefox. I used RocketDock to put all my desktop shortcuts out of sight and installed Rainmeter to add the desktop gadgets featured in the theme .

    Rainmeter uses a simple scripted language that determines a gadget's appearance and function. I wanted a weather gadget that was different than the one in the theme, and so I am in the process of modifying another weather gadget a bit to have the appearance and functionality that I really want.

    It's been fun, but I'll admit it uses some system resources, about 3-6% on average, according to the CPU monitor, and that it's a pretty geeky thing to do.

    Click image for larger version

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  3. Useful Idiot Phlexor's Avatar
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    Using XP with Vista Mouse Pointers, Embedded or Zune Visual style, and any great wallpaper from

    Also use LClock and a custom User Display Picture and that's about it.

    Oh and this:

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  4. It's easy, Standard XP and Win7 interfaces, Turn off Wallpaper and set a black background. Adjust icon size as needed with the mouse scroll wheel in Win7. Example Desktop Icons small to avoid clutter and Pictures as large as they'll scroll so as to make ID'ing easy when sorting. Pin a couple things to the Taskbar in 7 and to the Start Menu or Quicklaunch in XP. Set My computer in XP or Computer in 7 to show used and free space. Done
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  5. Mod Neophyte Super Moderator redwudz's Avatar
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    Using W7 on most of my computers now, Vista on a couple and XP on one.

    I've always moved the taskbar to the top of the screen from a few years of using a Mac. Just seems better.
    I also use a video background with my W7 computers (Stardock Deskscapes). Another thing that MS eliminated.
    I keep very few icons on the screen, I prefer just the background video. I do have a 'Computer' and 'Network' icon on the screen, along with the trash can.
    I change the cursor to a larger size.
    I added Quick Launch back after MS removed it for some reason. (At least they got rid of the stupid Vista 'Delete' trashcan icon. )
    I don't use MS sidebar, don't see a purpose for it and it takes up useful space.

    Click image for larger version

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  6. Using Linux my latest PC as a main OS offers only two major choices to play with are KDE or GNOME.
    I am pretty much happy with standard settings coz my most of the work is done by using power-shell.
    I seldom use Windows on my pretty old and experimental PC with dual-boot.
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    Win 7

    Black Background


    Classic Start Menu

    (my previous xp machine had everything turned off including themes...basic to the max)
    Image Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

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