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  1. have just started using Ripbot264 and am wondering how to make an .mkv with the original dts audio.

    The only option i get to select the "copy audio stream" is if i select avchd as the output file in which i want it to be .mkv.

    Have followed the guide from here to rip a couple of blu ray which do not have the dts audio.

    Here is a screen shot to show options.

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    DTS encoders are very expensive, so RipBot doesn't include one. (~$1300US for the latest one from DTS. Surcode has a cheaper one, ~$100US) You may be able to pass the DTS core audio through, if available, but it will be very large, ~1GB or more. If it doesn't have DTS for the audio track you want, just use 5.1 AC3 640Kbps and it should be very close in quality. With DTS, you would also need a player/amplifier that can handle it.

    And welcome to our forums.
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