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  1. I use or want to use 3 programs, BD Rebuilder, HD convert to X and multiAVCHD.

    I have much problems with the codecs and try to found out which items I have use as a minium to have good conversions with the 3 programms.

    What should you suggest or is your experience?
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    What are you trying to do ?
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  3. If you have a codec pack, I suggest you uninstall it and run a registry cleaner like CCleaner.

    Before the arguments start, to use BDRB, the above is a must. BDRB is touchy. Install only ffdshow, haali matroska splitter, and Avisynth, and only the versions available here:

    The BDRB package has a utility called inspect.exe. Run it and adjust your ffdshow settings to conform to its recommendations.

    After the above, you should have no trouble at all with any of the programs you want to use. Good luck.

    Oh, one more thing. If you want to use MPCHC with hardware acceleration (DXVA), you'll probably have to add MPCHC to the list within ffdshow settings of the programs ffdshow should *NOT* be used in. That's how it is on my setup anyway.
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  4. Ok, thanks for your responding. Yesterday I spend a whole day to experiment and in the mean time I did try nearly every pack there is.....

    I was used to to have and use Shark 64 bits for W7, but I got a lot of problems when using multiAVCHD when try to convert a MKV to a DVD (on the forum where I am there are still DVD users) also personally I find a DVD made from a BluRay or MKV 1020P is better then a Retail DVD. Just taste (and bad eyes?).

    The problem I had was a shaky look of the DVD, I could not use it. The people of that forum, wellknown MKV forum, could not help me.

    So I changed over to CCCP and my problem was gone, however, I got problems with another program like The Filmmachine.

    Then I spoke with Adub, wellknown, he said, just through away al this codecpacks and use only FFDShow and Haali and AVIsynh, so I did, but nothing change, used the tutorials of him about the chains for playbak and encoding.....nothing.

    I did even change the FFDshow and Haali to the versions as given by BD-Rebuilder, because that one I use sometimes also. I did the inspector, got everywhere the OK. But when useing multiAVCHD I could not make a good DVD, still that shaky look.

    Tryed Klite, CCCP again, some other packs....and finally I thought, I ever worked well with Shark, so put that on again, make the config what says, the best config he should make, changed the FFDshow and Haali to the BDrebuilder ones...did the config in BDRebuilder, did the insepctor, was ok but did not use the Win7 FFD Tweaker.

    To be honest, it looks like it is solved, I sunddenly could make a good DVD in multiAVCHD, also a AVCHD, I could make MKV and MP4 in HD Convert to X and it looks I can use BDRebuilder again.

    Still I am not statisfy because I want not use a codecpack if it is also possible with only FFDshow and Haali. One of my members made a new pack with the 3 programs and only the FFDshow/Haali for unattended installs!

    Lucky enough he made some weeks ago a pack with the everyone can have his pack his want.

    Thanks for responding again.

    ps. Only The Filmmachine is still a problem, but I know they use other configs in the FFDshow, if I use it I first have to do a Register Tweak, but then BD Rebuilder is not working anymore, I have to do the tweak on them again.

    Hahahahaha, nice hobby, converten of a movie!

    Thanks again!
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  5. Well, if you've installed/uninstalled a number of codec packs you may never get everything working properly without a clean install. Sorry.

    As I've said before (and this is always a contentious topic here), lots of people get away with using a codec pack, but that doesn't make it a good idea. Similarly, with BDRB you can almost guarantee it will work with the versions of ffdshow, Haali, and Avisynth tested by the author. In my experience, if BDRB is configured properly, just about anything else you'd want to do will be okay as well. Other combinations *may* work but it's a crapshoot.

    Since you say that everything works now except the FilmMachine, perhaps you'd better leave well enough alone. You could try uninstalling it and cleaning out any FilmMachine related folders in Documents and Settings, and run a registry cleaner. Try re-installing another version.

    Good luck.
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