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  1. I recently upgraded my video-taking equipment from a crappy point and shoot camera to a JVC camcorner. I found after I upgraded, editing my videos can be very difficult because when I import the files into Sony Vegas Pro 8, there are no audio tracks present with the video.

    When I try the same exact steps on my husbands computer (he has the same exact software, except for the actual computer processors and such), he has an audio track that accompanies the video.

    I wasn't sure if it was just my computer or not, so I opened the files in Windows Movie Maker, and the audio works fine there, but I can't edit the videos the way I want.

    Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

    If you need to know more information about the systems I'm running, I'm running Vegas Pro 8 on a PC with Windows Vista. The files are .MOD and are accompanied by a .MOI file (which I googled and JVC uses them to create timestamps with them).
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    offhand, it sounds like you're missing the audio codec needed for the editor to display on the timeline
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