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    I was given one of these without a remote control. I intend to keep it, as I found it plays dodgy VHS tapes that
    don't work on 3 other VCRs in my shed. Unfortunately with no remote controller, you can't do most of the things
    of which it is capable. Before I buy a remote controller, I wish to be sure it will work. I bought one before for
    something else, and it was crud: only the basic play/rewind/stop functions worked, you could not get a setup menu.
    Has anybody used one of these with a "universal remote"?
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    I have the es46v model. I have a logitech harmony remote and I was able to program it so that I can use all of the menu functions in the dvd/vcr combo.

    Check out ebay or another auction site for a used logitech harmony remote. I have a 520 series model that does quite a bit. I would think anything in the 500 range from logitechs harmony series should be relatively inexpensive online. THan you can fully program the remote on your computer for the exact model you have without the original remote.
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