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  1. Is there a freeware Dvd Authoring programme that will allow you to tweak audio(increase volume) whilst it encodes?? I use FAVC which does a good job,but no option to do this..Cant seem to see one in the tools section either..

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    Try avstodvd. The changelog mentions normalizing.
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  3. Originally Posted by Baldrick View Post
    Try avstodvd. The changelog mentions normalizing.
    Normalise?? Oh FAVC has that...i thought i had used something like that before but it made action scenes very loud and the dialogues very the sound was dropping in and out if you know what i mean...thats why i never used it again and didnt really understand it.. ill try a sample clip in Favc ..thank you

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  4. Or, if normalize is not enough for you, you can use the 'Edit Title'/'AviSynth'/'Amplify Audio' filter from AVStoDVD.


    AVStoDVD Homepage
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