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    Why is a HDMI cable characterised as being able to transmit digital audio and HD video through one cable and through this single port but most of receivers I saw require a coaxial cable connected to other devices ( i.e dvd player or satellite tv box) for the audio to play. Then a HDMI cable is connected to the TV t display the Video part.

    Example with a connection of a receiver (home theater) with a dvd player and a TV :

    a HMDI OUT from dvd player to HDMI IN on receiver and then HDMI OUT from receiver to HDMI IN on the TV won't play sound through the home theater speakers hooked to the receiver. I will have to connect a Coaxial cable OUT from the dvd player to a coaxial IN on the receiver in order to have audio.

    Just curious for my own understanding. Is it made on purpose that way so you can control seperately audio and video amongst all you devices connected to your receiver ? And anyway, shouldn't sound be playing if you just make HDMI connection within your devices ? I'm lost there ...

    Thks a lot if you know the answer to that

    Sorry wasn't sure where to post it in the forum sections.
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    Some older and/or cheaper amps used the older HDMI standards that didn't support audio. It may also be that you have to enable the audio over HDMI in the player or the amp or both - check your manuals for details
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