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  1. hey i know it might seem a stupid question.

    I am help out my church to make video's i am using three camers to rec the massage's after i am done i have to go back to my church office edit the video's much easyer for me but the problm is that some time it take me a while to edit the video it all dept on how long my pastor take when i rec the video. Now my pastor ask me to rec live and have ready dvd same time. i known there equment out there that can do this .
    here is question :

    wich is the easy way to do it or what equment i can use to do this i do have a multiple dvd burn.
    burn the dvd is't a problem i just need to find why to get the video out fast on the same day.
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  2. You need a video mixer like this one to mix the signal from your three cameras and send the output to a capture device in a PC (where you can make some adjustments, cuts or improvements like adding titles or captions, etc...), then author/burn your DVD with your software of choice. Or you could even feed the signal out from the mixer directly to a DVD recorder if you are really in a hurry (I havenīt done that but I suppose itīs possible)
    The mixer is something like this:
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  3. thank that what i thought but what type is computer is best to do that with a laptop or a desktop
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