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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm using DVDFab to convert the movie only of my blu-ray's to MKV keeping one audio track. The problem I'm having is with subtitles. There is an option to export subtitles to SUB/IDX which results in one external file.

    The problem is that if I select more than one English subtitle track it exports it to one file which I'm unable to read in programs like BDSuptoSUB. If the file has just one subtitle track it's not a problem. However, the reason I'm ripping all English subtitle tracks is so that I can then check for the presence of forced subtitles.

    If anyone has any suggestions they would be appreciated.

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  2. Demux subs with tsMuxer?

    It sounds like an oddity peculiar to DVDFab.
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  3. Originally Posted by fritzi93 View Post
    Demux subs with tsMuxer?

    It sounds like an oddity peculiar to DVDFab.
    The problem with your suggestion is that it saves no time. If I use DVDFAb Passkey to decrypt a blu-ray on the fly and then demux just the subtitles off of a blu-ray it takes about 30 minutes, which is about the same time it takes to decrypt the whole blu-ray to the hard drive in a blu-ray structure. I can then demux the subtitles from this file using TS Muxer in just 2 minutes.

    The reason I want to avoid this is because I have found that only about 10% of blu-rays have forced or separate subtitles. As such, undertaking extra steps (unnecessary in 90% of cases) adds a lot of time. I was hoping that since DVDFab demuxes the subtitles to SUB/IDX that I could then just check them for forced subtitles and edit the subtitle track or just re-rip those few with forced subtitles and burning these subtitles directly to the video.
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  4. So you want to turn on the forced track flag to make sure that only the forced subs are displayed in a subtitle track. Sorry I can't help with DVDFab.

    I've used the following procedures, but I guess you've probably seen these:

    Good luck.
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    You said that Fab gave you 1 file. I haven't used it in quite a while but for BR to mkv conversions it used to give me 2 files. The.idx file and the.sub file. You need both for them to work. The reason I stopped using Fab for my BR conversions was that as often as not the idx/subs they produced didn't work.

    Now I use fab Passkey and mux everything with TSMuxer. I convert the sups to srt with suprip ans remux what I want with MKVtoolnix mmg ver 4.0. Suprip requires some patience but it stores your corrections and after awhile you can convert many sups to srt without any user intervention.

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  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I've figured out a workaroud for my issue. The problem that I was having was that BDSUP2SUP couldn't open the files that DVDFab produced if more than one subtitle track was present in the separate SUB & IDX files that DVDFab produced.

    However, as all I want is forced subtitles I finally found a reliable way to identify them. The problem with DVDFab is it does not identify forced subtitles that are in a standalone track (e.g. Godfather, Gran Torino, Battle of Britain, etc.). But, I found that if I playback such a blu-ray using PowerDVD it indicates that the track is turned on, it does not do so in the case of forced subtitles embedded in a complete English track. So, my solution is to start the blu-ray with PowerDVD to identify if there is a separate track with forced subtitles, if so, I launch DVDFab select only that subtitle track and select the option to render it directly to video.

    If a separate standalone track doesn't exist, since there is no other way I know of to tell if there are forced subtitles embedded short of demuxing the tracks, I tick all the english subtitles in DVDFab and tick the box for Forced only. Doing so results in no subtitles if there are no forced subtitles or DVDFab producing a SUB/IDX file with just forced subtitles. It's easy to tell if there are any as if there are none the file size i s 0KB but to be sure you can open the files in BDSUB2SUP to make sure. BDSUB2SUP has no problem opening these files because only 1 subtitle track will be present since only forced captions would be extracted to the SUB/IDX file.

    Anyway, I hope this helps anybody else experiencing similar difficulties. I know there are free tools like ClownBD, TSMuxer, etc. that can do a lot of these tasks but the reason I use DVDFab is that it's very fast at compressing files and I have a substantial amount of blu-rays that I want to compress to put on my media server as storage space for full BR rips is still expensive.
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  7. Hi there,
    This seems to be the closest post I can find on the net to my problem. I have a Sony BDP-S590 and want to play Bluray quality files via USB. There are two issues one I'm hoping I can bypass.
    Issue 1: I can't can't subtitles to play when using DVDfab - obviously it appears you can help me with this.
    Issue 2: The Sony will not play either TrueHD audio or VC1 video in mkv file format.

    I have noticed that the player will play the .m2ts file format fine with all codecs.

    So my question is, can I use any of these work arounds for the subtitles and put them into the .m2ts file.

    evt: I'm fuzzy on your last bit of the trick. I gather you use BDSUP2SUP to convert the idx and sub file into the (dvd) sup file. But then how do you get that into the video file, do you use mkvmerge or something like that?
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  8. DVDx 4.1 Preview detects forced subtitles which you can choos or not, as a subtitle track or burnt-in video track.

    May help, very fast process...
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  9. Thanks so it a try.

    Hi, is the a pay for program only, I can't get it to do anything.

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  10. A trial version is planned for Xmas time.
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