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    I need direction on how to encode some videos with specific requirements.

    To start I have hundreds of videos that I would like to convert from DVD/VOB file to MKV. I have all the files ripped down from DVD into a single vob (My Movie Title.vob). This file includes the video, AC3, and subtitles if available.

    Here is what was wanting to do (or think I want):

    I would like to convert the video stream to some sort of variable bitrate format like DIVX/H264/XVID (I heard that variable was better for quality). I would choose quality over file size; however, a non-compressed vob is just way too big. I would like to keep the original AC3 audio stream, since the size different wouldn't be that much more to keep the Dolby Digital sound. I would like to keep the subtitles as well (it can always be turned off if not needed). To my knowledge all of this would have to be saved in an mkv format/container to support something like this.

    I don't know what program would be best for doing something like this. Also, since I already have the files ripped down to vob files I would need some kind of batch process (command-line or something). Any advice or direction?

    -Thanks in advance
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    Staxrip or Handbrake or maybe DVD Swarm that has good batch capabilities.

    But I'm not sure if they will be able to fix the subtitles as it might require the ifo file.
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