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  1. Okay, I been trying to figure this out for a long time, I don't know what it's called I can't find it anywhere. So here's my question, How do you Put a picture in to a moving video? Like when the video is moving i guess you paste it. Here's an example go to 49 and you'll see what i'm trying to do. Can I do this in windows Movie Maker? What's it called? Please Help Me.
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    There's a million different ways of doing that. The easiest may I can think of is using Sony Movie Studio (or another linear editor) you can either place the video segments on top of the area you want them to appear, or you can cut places in the video and add them into those areas of the timeline.
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  3. Ok I got it some what Figured out. What Would I call this effect? And also Is there a video editor that has this feature but is free?
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  4. It's called an overlay, no free programs that I can think of but most have a 30 trial.
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    Cant windows movie maker do a version of this overlay? I'm sure there is some form of this it can do. You can output as dv-avi without incurring too much loss in conversion. From there you'd convert to your final destination.

    If it can't do it at all there are many low cost editors that can do it. But the cheap ones will be limited to standard definition. Editors that work in hd are pricier and you'll need a relatively powerful computer to edit in hd.
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