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  1. Just built a new system: AMD 1090T - 8G RAM - 100G SDD - WIN7 X64 - blah,blah (Its loaded).

    Following the guides using MakeMKV is simple and the size conversion with the latest handbrake appears great but just after I start the conversion I get the process stopped requestor.

    The machine is running everything else I throw at it flawlessly and quick. Didn't install any extra codecs before or after Handbrake.

    Is this a X64 problem with some of the command line apps? or is it just me? Never saw this problem on my older machine.
    The machine renders and models 3D like a beast no problems...

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    Handbrake doesn't need any codecs so it shouldn't be any problem. Can you use it to convert other files without problems?

    But I would try shrink with something else, like ripbot264, xmedia recode, uncropmkv.

    Or use bd rebuilder to convert from the blu-ray directly to a mp4/mkv.
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