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  1. Hello All, I am a bit of an AV novice and have always bought region free out of the box players prviously. however, I have just won a Sony BDP S370 and am very impressed with it, but I can't play region 1 dvd's on it......I have seen the hacks using various older OneForAll models but I have just received a OneForAll URC-8350 via an offer from totalfilm magazine. None of the hacks I have found here seem to work with this remote as it doesn't have a "magic" key. can anyone offer a numpty like me any help on how to use this remote to do the hack or give me advice on how to work out how to do it? Thanks
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  2. Hi All,

    I'm affraid I fall into bubbafurn's case too.

    I have just baught a BDP-S370 (DVD region 4) that came with a RMT-B107P remote. It looks a lot less sophistocated than the OneForAll remote that is talked about for the Europe region hack.

    I am hoping someone out there might know a multiregion code for the Australian model?

    please help
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  3. Hi Tancredi, I have the same player and remote as yourself. Did you ever find a hack?

    needy also!
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  4. ONE FOR ALL URC 7980 can be set up to unlock SONY BDP-S370

    This is from another pg on this site. Its been modified for details of URC 7980.

    BDP-S370 should be off while setting up URC 7980.

    1. Set URC 7980 to work with BDP-S370. Press MAGIC Press DEVICES repeatedly till BLU is lit. Press 8 for SONY. BDP-S370 should switch off.

    Now setup URC 7980.

    2. Hold the magic button until the BLU key flashes twice.
    3. Press 0533

    4. Hold the magic button until the BLU LED flashes twice.
    5. Press 994
    6. Press Magic Key (don't hold)
    7. Press 00189
    8. Hold 1 ( this sets it to key 1 - BLU flashes twice, if not repeat steps 4 to 8 )

    9. Hold the magic button until the BLU LED flashes twice.
    10. Press 994
    11. Press Magic Key (don't hold)
    12. Press 00255
    13. Hold 2 ( this sets it to key 2 - BLU flashes twice )

    14. Hold the magic button until the BLU LED flashes twice.
    15. Press 994
    16. Press Magic Key (don't hold)
    17. Press 00095
    18. Hold 3 ( this sets it to key 3 - BLU flashes twice )

    19. Hold the magic button until the BLU LED flashes twice.
    20. Press 994
    21. Press Magic Key (don't hold)
    22. Press 00221
    23. Hold 4 ( this sets it to key 4 - BLU flashes twice )

    24. Hold the magic button until the BLU LED flashes twice.
    25. Press 994
    26. Press Magic Key (don't hold)
    27. Press 00079
    28. Hold 5 ( this sets it to key 5 - BLU flashes twice )

    The remote is now programmed and ready to use, to make the BDP-S370 region free:

    1. Use the remote that came with the player to bring the player out of standby, make sure there isn't a disc in it. Wait until it has completely started & menu has finished loading on screen.

    2. Press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on the OneForAll URC-7980 remote.

    3. Put the player back into standby with the Sony remote.

    4. Next time you turn on the player it will be region free for DVD playback.
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