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  1. I have a Samsung BD-C5500 player and 90% of my AVI's, MP4, MKV video files are out of sync when playing back. The audio is basically about half a second behind the video. DVD & Bluray play fine.

    I've done some research and cannot come up with a solution. Re-encoding a ton of files is not an option I want to take. The settings on the player are of no use too.

    Anyone got a solution to this? I have no receiver at the moment. The audio is basic RCA Left Right going into a TV.
    Is there a receiver I could purchase that would speed up the audio a fraction?

    Any suggestions appreciated.
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    You might try to upgrade your firmware version, check in Samsung's web page, /Support and select your specific model to check if there is any new firmware version. They usually include a pdf file with the steps to do it. Not sure if this would solve the problem.

    I own a Samsung home theatre (HT-Z320) and shows the same issue that you just described when playing a DIVx movie through the USB port. Have not tried DIVx discs. DVD plays fine too.
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