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  1. Hello,

    I'm trying to use the following region free hack for my LG BD-560 Blue Ray player, but I'm not sure what step 5 means. I get to step 4 ok, but nothing seems to happen:

    Any suggestions or alternate hack?

    Thanks a lot!
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  2. Alternatively, if you know how to burn a cd on your computer, search under the DVD hacks link for LG BD370.

    More info about creating cd here

    See post #7. When you load the cd into the player, a message appears to change the region. Press zero on the remote and then the pause button to save the setting.
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    I'm not aware of any BlulRay players sold in the USA and Canada that can be made region free by entering a code. The only 2 BluRay players ever sold here that are region free are the Oppo and Momitsu and both require hardware hacks, not software hacks. The sad truth is that while that hack may work on some LG BluRay players, it may only work on those sold in other parts of the world.

    Your link is broken em-t-wallitt.
    Try this link:

    But I have to warn you that for all I know a hack for the BD370 may brick your player. Again - I am completely unaware of even one BluRay player sold in the USA and Canada that can be made region free simply by entering a code and this BD370 - if it works at all - may only work on players sold in other parts of the world.
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  4. jman98, I got the link fixed. Don't know what happened that time.

    This region setting procedure has existed for quite some time. I first saw it as a hack for an LG LDA-830, but it has worked for most LG players, blu-ray or dvd.

    EDIT: Region unlock applies to dvd playback only in blu-ray players.
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  5. Thanks a lot! I'll definitely give this a try and post the result.
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  6. Hope it works for you. Just to clarify my earlier post, this region unlock only applies to dvd playback, not blu-ray discs.
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    Here we go again. The Seiki (Philips clone) sold by Wal-Mart Canada (among others) is region free out of the box by entering codes with the remote control. I was just at the local Wal-Mart today and they have a new shipment of these $88 players in, so there is nothing stopping you from getting one if you want one. And yes, the regions can be changed on Blu-Rays as well as standard DVDs. Good luck...
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  8. Does the file mentioned in the linked thread work for the BD560 model as well? I thought that was for the BD370 only...

    I'd love to try it on my 560, but would like to be sure it's not going to break the player.
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  9. This file has been around for a while and I've used the same file to make an older LG DVD player and a LG DVD recorder region free. If you check the hack for the BD360, you'll see that it's the same one for the BD370. There's always a risk in doing these region free hacks and it doesn't always work. Sometimes manufacturers will make changes to the hardware that will render these hacks useless.

    The hack may work, depending on the firmware version you have on your player. However, I've heard the newest blu-ray players from LG can no longer be made region free. I suggested this region hack to a BD570 owner before and that person wasn't successful, despite my instructions.

    If you're concerned about damaging the player, then it's best to leave the player as is. Find a regular DVD player that you know can be hacked or make backup copies of discs to use instead.
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