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  1. So let me give all the details to avoid questions. I have been burning DLs for over a year...In that time, I have not changed ANYTHING.

    Imgburn for all the burning
    DVD DL + verbatim media
    Same Drive, PC and OS
    Same types of files (AVIs)

    Discs I made up until the last month, work fine. Discs I made within the last month, not so much. Imgburn completes the burn, and verifies. So it thinks the disc is fine. But when i take it over to MR Dvd gives the "not a playable disc error" and wont even boot to menu. First thought was a dead player. Popped in a DVD DL verbatim i made back in June, and it worked fine. So ....wasnt that...which leaves...the burner actually dieing or something? It still burns single layers fine, but has lost all ability to burn DL discs...again..same media, software, video sources drive etc....anyone ever heard of anything like this.

    I probably burned 100 dvd DLs in the last year...did I burn that function right out of my drive? Its one of the dell built in Liteons

    thanks for any input.
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  2. It would be easier to nail down if you had more than one burner and more than one player.

    To elaborate: Two standalone players rejecting a burned and verified disc, I'd be thinking the burner is going bad. One player only, it's that player. Second burner to confirm.

    From the info given, I'd be guessing. At any rate, burners are cheap and a snap to replace, after you've done the first one.

    Good luck and welcome to the forum.
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    Burners don't last forever. And the price of burners is fairly low at present. Failure to burn DL discs is usually the first sign of burner failure. I would probably replace the burner and see if that solves the problem. If not, you have an extra burner. Because burners are so cheap, they are also cheap quality. Unfortunately.

    Lasers do wear out. Try a new burner.
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    Originally Posted by redwudz View Post
    Burners don't last forever. ...
    Lasers do wear out. Try a new burner.
    Right on.
    I think I have approx. 40 burners or so and only 1 failed at me ever, just because I flashed it with speedhacked betatest firmware... Saved some guys probably some bucks, but its really the only one that failed so far.
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  5. Two standalone players did reject it. I just didn't mention that. Actually 3.... so I guess buying a new burner it is.
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  6. This has happened to me. I save the old burner though because it's still good for ripping
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