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  1. Anyone know when this media is going to be available with the drives to support it.
    I heard a few months ago that Sony and/or orhers were dring out this media about now but can't find any literature.

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  2. They make double sided 9.4 Gb media ( 4.7 per side ) now in DVD-R format.
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  3. What about the PC drives to support it?
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  4. I think your getting confused here.
    Double sided DVDr are available and supported by the drives already (Pioneer A03 etc), it's simply a case of having 2 DVDr on one disk, you have to take the disk out and turn it over, but each side will burn and be supported as if it was a single 4.7Gb DVDr...making a 9.4Gb total capacity.

    What the current drives don`t support (AFAIK) is 'dual layer' 9.4Gb DVDr, and I`m not even sure the media are available yet ?

    A 'dual layer' DVDr is what most films come on, and can hold the 9.4Gb of data on a single side....
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  5. all current DVD-R drives should support it as all the discs are double sided, 4.7gb per side.
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  6. Yeah sorry about that. Does anyone know when dual layer discs are likely to become available?
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  7. aha..

    I spoke a while ago to a techie at Pioneer UK about dual layer recorders. His take on it was probably many, many years away. At present no dual layer recording technology exists.

    Dual layer discs you buy today are not recorded, they consist of two semi transparent single layers bonded together onto a reflective bottom layer. Even in professional studios no such dual layer recording exists.

    He did say that a number of manufacturers (including Pioneer) are researching but it's proving to be technically very difficult and if the drives were ever produced it is unlikely current stand alone player would read the recordings because they would be based on different recording technology. His money was on the new Sony high density DVD thats just been shown at electronics shows.
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  8. Thanks for clearing up that matter.
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