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    Well Redwudz, I've been reading through this thread AMD six core CPU and Corsair H50 water cooling setup and decided to upgrade again(when will this STOP!!? ) I had intended to go with the Phenom 1090T and very close to yours. But I decided to raise the ante( not by much) and go with 1394.00 for my new rig. I pick a i7 930 for CPU. Gives me room for the 980 when the price comes down. EVGA X58 3X SLI MB, 6GB of Corsair XMS3 Tri Chan DDR3, Palit GTX 460 1024 GDDR5, Cooler Master 700W, Asus Blu Ray Combe Drive, 1 TB HD, Corsair H50 Cooler. All the other item like the printer and software will go in over the next few days. Here's a Few Picures

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    Looks interesting.

    A couple of notes:

    6GB RAM, I assume a 64bit OS. A 32bit OS will only be able to use a bit less than 4GB RAM.

    Are you using more than one hard drive? The system will be somewhat crippled with just a single HDD. The boot HDD is accessed constantly by the OS, so I prefer a faster, smaller HDD for that. I've used a SSD and presently am using WD 150GB Raptors for boot. The SSD was fast, but too small at 60GB. A 128GB SSD ($$) would be better. But the Raptor is pretty fast. I normally use three HDDs, boot, edit, archive. The last two are 500 - 1000GB WD black drives.

    I think you'll like the H50. I still think it's one of the better economical liquid cooling solutions, especially for overclocked systems.

    Take some more pictures of the build and add them here. Always interesting to see what others are doing.
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