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    I know that some part of the video file has higher bit rate than the rest and it could become real pain in the @ss when you want to convert the video file into another format without loosing quality and wasting file size.I've tried "mediainfo" software to show me the bit rate but it only showing me the beginning bit rate of the video.Is there any kind of freeware to see the highest bit rate or change format with out loosing quality or file size(would be nice with step by step guide)?
    I'm trying to change flv to avi.
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  2. bitrate viewer to view the bitrate and peak bitrates

    It depends on what kind of video & audio is in the flv (use mediainfo)

    On some types, you can use flvextract and it will extract your flv to avi (with separate audio) , then avimuxgui to mux the audio in .

    On other types you can use ffmpeg to switch containers

    Some are not compatible with AVI and you would have to re-encode (lose quality)
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