I’m looking for Blu-ray player with DivxHD capability, and found that Panasonic DMP-BD45 & 65 were both certified at Divx’s official homepage. But nothing is mentioned about Divx in their manuals (North American versions)—and oddly, both Japanese & UK versions of manuals (for DMP-BD45 & 65) mentioned about & supported Divx.

I could think of two possibilities:

1. These may play DivxHD, but Panasonic USA/Canada didn’t want to be responsible with Divx compatibility, so they removed it from the manuals.
2. Panasonic completely removed Divx functionality from their North American models (DMP-BD45 & 65), so there is no chance that these will play Divx in North America.

Does anyone have any experience with DMP-BD45 & 65 with DivxHD in North America? (I know that DMP-BD85 is supported, but it is out of my budget…). Or, should I look for LG models instead (such as BD550 or 560 which is easy to find)?

I would appreciate any feed backs. Thanks.