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    Tools used: DVD Flick (build or later), JoinVobFiles, ImgBurn.

    If you have multiple Mpeg2 video files you want to join together and burn to a dvd, here's an easy way to do it.

    Convert Mpeg2 video

    1: Open DVD Flick - on main pane select Add First Mpeg2 Title:
    NOTE - at this stage having imported the first title you can then select 'edit title' and add subsequent files in that mode - this will join titles for you and you can skip that part. (This was possible with older builds like, not sure about later ones?) HOWEVER on build of DVD Flick, I have found it will go through the motions of joining videos (taking hours) but will only re produce the first video segment, not those added to it in edit. For this reason I discovered the 'fix' I am describing here.

    Continue to add all your mpegs files in order on the first window - at the bottom don't forget to browse to select your destination folder....

    2: Click on 'Project Settings' - set video preferences -

    3. Under Advanced' - place tick beside 'copy mpeg2 streams' this prevents Flick re-encoding which may cause video/audio sync problems. Then 'accept'.

    4: On playback untick 'Loop to first title' - which will prevents your finished dvd automatically replaying. I just find it annoying. Accept.

    5: Review burning parameters - in this case don't select ISO or burn to disk (untick both) as you need to further process the separate VOB's created in your destination file before burning.

    Check and make a note of you destination file and if you wish set the device priority - only select anything above normal when you are not going to use your computer while DVD Flick is running. With Mpeg2 streams copied the equivalent of 2 hours of video on highest priority (when I wasn't using my machine ) took about 25 minutes. When you are happy with your files and settings hit 'Create DVD'.
    When done you should have separate vob files in your destination folder.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	EasyCapture2.png
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ID:	3198Click image for larger version

Name:	EasyCapture4.png
Views:	231
Size:	66.0 KB
ID:	3197Click image for larger version

Name:	EasyCapture5.png
Views:	211
Size:	62.1 KB
ID:	3196Click image for larger version

Name:	EasyCapture6.png
Views:	274
Size:	63.3 KB
ID:	3195Click image for larger version

Name:	EasyCapture7.png
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Size:	56.9 KB
ID:	3194

    6: Joining/merging VOBS

    For this there is a very quick and small application called JoinVobFiles Tool. See:
    Once installed, it's pretty self explanatory - just load your Vob files in the correct order, name the output file as 'X-joined' and hit join. In very short time you should have a single vob file.

    7: Burn VOB to DVD

    For this use ImgBurn.
    First you need to create an iso file - do this by selecting 'build' mode - add your single vob file - create a name and select a destination folder for your ISO.
    Once your iso has been created. Switch ImgBurn to 'write' mode - add your newly created Iso to the pane and burn it. I usually burn to a DVD+RW to test it.

    The only downside is that there may be a tiny pause between the joined vobs (it is not very noticeable). and the final DVD does not have chapter marks for easy navigation.

    NOTE: If Imgburn informs you that your X-joined vob is too big to produce an iso file - go back to stage 6 and join your files in two groups. Save each vob a new file and name them VTS_1 and VTS_2, then try Imgburn 'build' mode again, adding each VTS file in order.
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