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  1. I am triying to encode my kick Ass dvd to my Ipod and no matter what I do the audio is always out of Sync. I have never had such trouble with an encode before. It was suggested to me on an other site that I may have the "dreaded black lead-in with no audio" syndrome. Whatever that means. So I started in a little bit with DGIndex. At first I thought this cured the problem as the first 5 mins or so of the movie was in sync when I did an other encode. But then boom back out of sync again after that.

    All I can think is that it has not been ripped correctly, yet the rip play just fine.

    Both DvDFab and Megui are up to date. I have never had any problem with either of these programs till now.

    Is this a new form of protection? I just don't know enough to know what might be wrong.

    Any help anyone could give me would be good as am at my wits end. I've tried all I can think of re-ripping, re-encoding, audio delays. Nothing works.

    Anyone here managed to convert their Kick Ass dvd to an other format? If so how did you do it?

    Thank You for your time.
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  2. Always Watching guns1inger's Avatar
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    If it is out of sync by a constant amount, demux and remux with a delay to fix it.
    Read my blog here.
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    There are many ways to try to solve the problem.
    Rip "movie only"?
    Rip the entire disc then take "movie only" with something like DVDShrink?
    Run the rips through FixVTS?
    Convert the "movie only" rip to a single MPEG file with something like VOB2MPEG
    and then convert to another format?
    Make sure have have only one audio in the rip...and no subs?
    Are you using the free version of DVDFab(DVDFabDecrypter)? - if so it may not be updated if the movie release is very new.
    etc etc etc
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  4. Video Restorer lordsmurf's Avatar
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    It's the new copy protection, codenamed "Mindy".
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  5. I have tried Demux and remux with delay.

    Tried FixVts too....

    tried movie only as well

    As I said the ripped DVD itself plays fine.

    I just can not covert it to anything.


    Has anyone else had issues or converted it ok?
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  6. I am still having sync issues when trying to covert my Kick-Ass dvd to mp4 for my Ipod. Using DVDfab and MeGUI. Csn anyone out there help me solve this?????
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