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  1. can anybody please help me as i seem to have hit a brick wall i have been running xp pro with problem untill i got the pioneer ao3 now and again when i insert media into the drive i try to poen the drive and get an error message that say the drive is inaccessible and have to restart the system with the media in the drive to get it to read the media the same goes for the cd-rw and this has only started to do this since i put the a03 in.i saw on this forum a little while ago that somebody had a similar problem and theat going into control panel with the intention of setting up the drive detector (well i think i was call this) but i can not find this enven when i switch to classic mode and looking in the help file ...
    with many thanks in advance fo any help you may be able to give .......

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  2. it should read with no problems
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  3. I heard about that, its a know bug in XP, try getting the CDburner update and see if the driver can be updated, other wise you can uninstall it and allow windows to redetect it.Check device manager to see if its recognized and wether it is having any problems. Go to windows update and get as many updates and driver updates as possible, I hope this can help but rest assured that this is a known problem.
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  4. Here is a good place to start looking
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