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  1. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering how to rip anime shows/series out of the DVD to hard drive in any kind of format.
    At first I thought "Gosh, this is going to be easy!" but when I got around to doing it, I found it a little confusing.
    Why? Well at first the intro video is within a different chapter to the main video.
    Hmm, I might not be making any sense. Well a normal anime is like this...

    - Intro Song
    - First half of video
    - Transition
    - Second half of video
    - Ending Song
    - Next Episode Preview.

    All that makes an episode of an anime.
    But they aren't connected together. When I rip them out.
    I want to rip them out as one. All connected together

    I have tried Xilisoft to rip them out, but they're not all together. (Connected)

    So I was wondering if anyone can help me with this problem.
    How to rip multiple anime episode all as one.

    Thanks in advance~

    If I made no sense, please just ask ahead. I'll try to explain with more detail.
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  2. Video Restorer lordsmurf's Avatar
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    Xilisoft is crap software.

    Use DVD Decrypter, rip in IFO mode, problem solved:
    That guide will work for this.

    While each piece has a chapter, all chapters are located in a single VOB chain (accessible via IFO data).
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  3. Sorry, but I'm still new to this.
    But I don't know if the method you gave me is correct.
    I'm still ripping the whole entire anime series.
    Whereas I am only wanting to rip 1 episode out of the whole series.

    I noticed that all chapters are checked (and the cells as well)
    Meaning I'll also be ripping the whole series.
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  4. Video Restorer lordsmurf's Avatar
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    It should be author by episode. Just select the episode you want.
    You're doing something wrong.
    Post some screen caps. I don't want to guess.
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  5. Ok then.

    This image is from Xilisoft DVD Ripper: for more information.

    This image is from DVD Decrypter

    Forgot to add some more information about the chapters.
    As you might know very well, Is that the anime is Chobits.
    Chapter 1 - Intro/Intro of the Episode
    Chapter 2 - Intro Song for the Episode
    Chapter 3 to 4 - Apart of the Episode
    Chapter 5 - Ending Song
    Chapter 6 - Preview of the next Episode
    Chapter 7 - Intro Song

    So in the end, the whole entire video contains every single episode.
    I want to rip one-by-one episode. So I get separate files for each episodes.
    Is there a method on doing it. But not the method where we have to
    Clip out parts.

    Thank you in advance~
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  6. Video Restorer lordsmurf's Avatar
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    That discs is authored really badly. Not standard at all.
    You're more or less screwed here.

    Must rip each piece, re-join in MPEG editor, save as new stream.

    I don't see a lot of these, but it happens.
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  7. So, I'll rip them all out into .VOB files using DVD Decrypter.
    Then I use MPEG Editor to re-join them back.

    But the episode is all in one .VOB file.
    How do I rip them out separately?
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  8. There's an option to split vob files, you have to uncheck that for it to be ripped to a single VOB file. Then from there you convert it, I recommend using HDC and ripping to x264 with AAC audio in either MP4 or MKV container format.

    As for ripping each episode individually, I use VLC player to find which chapters have the scenes from one episode, rip those chapters into a single VOB file, and then I'll rinse and repeat to get the rest of the chapters on the disc this way. Look up HDC, it's like the best converting tool, but sometimes it encodes certain videos wrong, so when that happens use ripbot.

    For HDC you will need haali media splitter, avisynth, ffdshow, and codecs. I think same for ripbot. Hope this helps.
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  9. Am I not understanding something? Each episode consists of 6 chapters, right? So select the first 6, uncheck the rest, and decrypt. Select the next 6 and decrypt. And so on.
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  10. Hi guys, not sure how old this thread is 'coz I'm a noob :/. I had the same problem with Darker Than Black season 2 on DVD.
    Firstly, 'Lordsmirf' said "That discs is authored really badly. Not standard at all.". Every anime dvd I've had is authored this way.

    So, taking my example of Darker than Black season 2, I've made a list of each title and chapter on the DVD.
    -DVD Menu
    -Title 1 ["do not copy" message] -2 chapters = 0:00:07 (hours)
    -Title 2 ["celebrating 20 years of anime" message] - 2 chapters = 0:00:12
    -Title 3 ["" message] - 2 chapters = 0:00:07
    -Title 4 [6 episodes back to back] - 31 chapters = 2:20:35
    -Title 5 [the same 6 episodes back to back] - 31 chapters = 2:20:35
    -Title 6 [episode 4 of the 6] - 6 chapters = 0:23:24

    Mooshimuushi is right: (in the case of Title 6 anyway).
    - Intro Song
    - First half of video
    - Transition
    - Second half of video
    - Ending Song
    - Next Episode Preview.
    (for title 4/5, it doesn't have the transition!)

    I won't write about the rest because it's self-explanatory. Just extract that title and divide the chapter using whatever :P
    Hope someone finds this useful.
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  11. Ahaha, though this thread was created literally 2 years ago, I guess it's okay to reply to it. Thanks, though I didn't get around to ripping it 2 years ago in the end, but I was able to grasp an understanding.

    Check out this website, It's a website for HD animes BUT very small files YET have somewhat of the same quality that it's scary

    I guess from what you said, I'll rip it, split it and re-encode it to get a smaller file.

    probably by Handbrake, split? Hmm...Sony Vegas? or something else? Then Re-encode it using a minitheatre software or Handbrake again
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  12. Ah cool. Thanks for the reply. I know it's a little late but I stumbled accross this page looking for an answer :P. Figured someone else might end up doing the same! Thanks for suggesting that site. I'm looking at it now and it seems pritty good. Also then, I've almost fnished my Darker than Black project. I've got fr the whole thing (subs, episodes, dvd menu text/images/audio the lot).

    So I used Handbrake to encode "title 4" in MKV container and with all settings 'same as source' with no lossless compression. *doing this though cost ALOT of disk space :P*. This took like 2-4 hours.
    Next I used a program called "PgcDemux" to extract the subs and dvd menu data. (along with "VobEdit06")
    After I imported the long 2~hour title 4 into a program called "AviDemux" ver. 2.6. It lets you seperate long videos into smaller ones. Frame by frame if you have too. This program lets you re-encode as well, so for me to seperate each episode and export it with different coding (to shrink filesize), took like the whole day. I ate through so many snacks :/.
    Now my disk 1 of 3 is fnished. Each epi in MKV with 1 video with 5 chapters & 3 audio (eng, jap and commentary).

    That's my whole process pritty much^. The only thing I havn't figured out yet it how to convert the dvd subs so I can use them in Aegisub and mux them into each file (since the sub file is 2~hour long 'coz of the mastering'). If you have any suggestions for me I'm open to ideas aha
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  13. Originally Posted by daedalus_net View Post
    The only thing I havn't figured out yet it how to convert the dvd subs so I can use them in Aegisub and mux them into each file (since the sub file is 2~hour long 'coz of the mastering').
    Your process seems a bit convoluted to me. Extracting the episodes is a simple matter using DVD Decrypter while in IFO Mode to select the right number of chapters per episode. You should be able to extract the subs once you have the episodes also. But you didn't ask about that.

    PGCDemux gives you the DVD subtitles in SUP format. You can convert those instantly to VobSubs (IDX/SUB) using SubtitleCreator. Then once you have VobSubs you can OCR them. Although I'd use them as-is. I see no need to convert them to ASS. But maybe you have your own reasons. You can't mux VobSubs? And I don't know for sure, but there's a good chance each episode has its own VOB ID, and you can demux the subs by VOB ID using PGCDemux. But I'd have to have the DVD to confirm that.
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  14. Ah thanks manono for the response. I have tried using DVD decrypter before and it is a good suggestion. I havn't used it in ages though. I just assumed you could only use that for 'decrypting' and removing copy protection. Yh I might try that next time. As for the suggestion about SubtitleCreator, yh it worked just fine thanks. I meant mux the subs into the Matroska container. Thanks for your help!
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