After two repairs to my ES15 I purchased a used ES25 unit hoping that with the fan it would last longer that 6-10 months. My mistake, after a simple recording session I got the U99 error that the unit was not operating properly. It followed up with a U61 error message that is now in a continuous loop of screen messages "There was a power failure or the AC plug was disconnected while the unit was on. The unit is carrying out its recovery process. This process restores the unit to normal operation. The unit is not broken. Wait until the message disappears.".The screen prompts will not produce a "fix". Does anyone have any ideas that do not include sending it back to Illinois or Texas for repair? That is a mistake that I would soon like to forget. I have cracked open the case and cleaned the lens and spindle without successfully eliminating the U61 error.

I like the Panasonic units because of the tuner, ease of recording steps and it reads my spindle of Memorex +RW discs. I think that newer models require a separate tuner or a convertor box now that the feds mucked it up.

Any assistance is appreciated.