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  1. Hello

    To watch tv, i connect my digital-tv-decoder to the tv-tuner on my computer (Avermedia USB HD). The decoder only has a scart-output, so i use this piece ( to connect it to my tv-tuner.

    When i connect with composite to my tv-tuner, it works.
    When i connect with scart to my televison, it works

    but when i connect it with s-video, to my television or the tv-tuner, the image is bad and the color black and white.

    Can i change the cables or connection in order to get a colored picture with s-video (quality is better than composite) or is the problem my decoder ?
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  2. Originally Posted by hech54 View Post
    when i turn the software to ntsc, the screen is black. When it's PAL, it black/white

    And if that was the problem, i would also have a black/white screen with composite i think?
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  3. in another forum (, i found this tip :

    Name:  S-VHS1.jpg
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    And it worked! altough the colors weren't that good. But this means i can buy a new scart-piece that gives me colors. But how will i know the new one will work?
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  4. nobody who can help me?

    i think of buying this piece, which is gilded and has a better quality :

    will this give me a colored picture?
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