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    I'm using an AIW 9800 Pro with MMC 9.08. Capture works OK, including sound. A sound issue has been nagging me though. Whilst playing a video for capture, I don't hear the sound properly through the PC. This is with the input selector switched to "composite". Switched to analog tuner (ie for TV reception, not that I use the card for that), sound comes through loud and clear. I've tried all the suggestions I can find, altering Windows sound settings, connecting card output to sound card input etc.

    According to the MMC 9.08 help files (and advice found on the net), MMC should include a "sound initialistaion wizard" as part of its initialisation wizard. But this just doesn't appear.

    Anyone got an explanation?
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    sound initialistaion wizard
    Not correct. It's just Initialization Wizard, on one of the MMC setup tabs.

    But that's still not your issue.

    You don't have audio connect physically. Read this:
    Read that, look at images, do what it says.
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