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  1. Narayanan
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    Dear friends, i have lot of .mkv(video=x264, audio=aac) files in which the subtitles(.srt) are already muxed. I want to extract the subtitle(.srt) from the mkv container without disturbing the audio and video quality. Once extracted the .srt file, i need to convert that into .smi file. After that mux the .smi to mkv container...

    P.S: demux .srt from .mkv then convert .srt to .smi and mux .smi to mkv....
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  2. Get MkvToolnix. In a command prompt type
    mkvextract --help

    it will show how to extract streams.

    For example if all your videos have one audio track and one .srt track, the .srt being the 3rd track you would use a command like:

    mkvextract tracks movie.mkv

    You could make .cmd file to do it in batch. If there's no spaces in the filenames then it's pretty easy:

    mkvextract tracks %1.mkv

    If the .cmd file was named GetSrt you would pass the above .cmd file the movie basename as in:

    GetSrt moviename n

    where n is the track number for .srt. If the .srt is always track 3 you can hard code it
    mkvextract tracks %1.mkv

    You'd end up with an .srt file with the same basename as the movie

    If there's spaces in the filenames then I'd use a scripting language instead of batch. Just easier unless you're a .cmd wizard.
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