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  1. Hi, i have a .ts file, which it's audio has 24KHz intensity stereo coding, thus i cannot demux it. the audio can only be heard by VLC player and no other player plays me the audio. I want to demux this file so i can edit and convert it.

    Is there a way to recode the audio stream? like say to a 48KHz sample rate? What should i do?

    Thanks in advance
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  2. Member [_chef_]'s Avatar
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    Recoding seems to be the proper way after demuxing.
    Maybe you could use BeSweet for that.
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  3. Thanks for you advice. i just tried BeSweet, but i don't know why each time i try to recode, the program stops working! this is the first few lines of the log file:

    BeSweet v1.5b31 by DSPguru.
    Using hip.dll v1.19 by Myers Carpenter <>
    Using Shibatch.dll v0.25 by Naoki Shibata & DSPguru (
    Using lame_enc.dll v1.32 (8/8/2003), Engine 3.90 <>.
    Manual Dynamic-Compression algorithm by LigH (author of WaveBooster).

    Logging start : 08/07/10 , 12:42:03.

    C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\BeSweetv1.5b31BeSwe etGUIv0.7b4\BeSweet.exe -core( -input C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\000.ts -output C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\000.mp3 -logfile C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\BeSweetv1.5b31BeSwe etGUIv0.7b4\BeSweet.log ) -ota( -fs 24000 ) -ssrc( --rate 44100 ) -boost( /b2=5 ) -lame( --scale 1 -p --alt-preset 128 ) -profile( ~~~~~ Default Profile ~~~~~ )

    [00:00:00:000] +------- BeSweet -----
    [00:00:00:000] | Input : C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\000.ts
    [00:00:00:000] | Output: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\000.mp3
    [00:00:00:000] | Floating-Point Process: Yes
    [00:00:00:000] +------ Shibatch -----
    [00:00:00:000] | Source Sample-Rate: 24.0KHz
    [00:00:00:000] | Dest. Sample-Rate: 44.1KHz
    [00:00:00:000] | Attenuation : 0.0db
    [00:00:00:000] +-------- BOOST ------
    [00:00:00:000] | Algorithm by : Dg
    [00:00:00:000] | Boost Factor : 5.0
    [00:00:00:000] | Limit Factor : 0.73
    [00:00:00:000] +-------- LAME -------
    [00:00:00:000] | 'abr 128' preset is used
    [00:00:00:000] +---------------------
    [00:00:00:100] Stream error : Sync found after 17140 bytes
    [00:00:00:226] Stream error : Sync found after 2889 bytes
    [00:00:00:326] Stream error : Sync found after 4217 bytes
    [00:00:00:479] Stream error : Sync found after 18567 bytes
    [00:00:00:527] Stream error : Sync found after 11510 bytes
    Do you know why that happens?

    I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on an Intel Core2 Quad Q8200 2.33 GHz with 4GB RAM.
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    Have you tried tsmuxer to demux the audio?

    Also try eac3to to convert the audio.

    One last thing - you have tried vlc but have you tried mpchc?
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  5. tsmuxer: "Some tracks not recognized. This tracks was ignored. File name:..."
    Thus after demuxing, i only get the .264 file and no audio file.

    i used mpchc, it has no sound and the video flickers at certain points. btw, it uses Haali Media Splitter while vlc doesnt.

    Thanks for you help so far.
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  6. Member [_chef_]'s Avatar
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    Maybe the audio part is not what i seems to be?

    Did you try SUPER by a chance?
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