Hello. I have a particular situation where I would like to play a bunch of mkv files in a certain order (playlist) with a media player (on windows) but the thing is I don't want the files to play at the very beginning to the very end. I would like to be able to control the time at which each file starts to play and where it ends. I have a bunch of live music concerts that I want to only play certain songs from and then move onto another file and do the same. I will be playing the video outside hooked up to a projector so this is the reason why i would like to do this. I know I could edit out certain parts of the .mkv files to a seperate smaller .mkv file with only the song I want but that appears to be a lot of work. If i could find a player that supports what I need it would be perfect. I know many players support playlists which is a start but I haven't found any that would allow you to select the start and end times rather then playing the whole video start to finish, before moving to the next.

If anyone know of some software that would allow me to accomplish this task it would be really appreciated!

Thanks in advance.