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  1. I would like to know what you guys have figured out. What I am looking for is the cheapest media with the most compatibility in stand alone players for projects I am doing through work. Up until this point I have been using Apple media because it burns at 2X and is way cheaper at $5 a disc then some of the otheres I have seen as far as main brand. They seem to be pretty highly compatible. What I am looking for though is media at about half the price if possible. I have seen that circuit city has Sti media for an okay price, and GQ from Fry's is about $4 a disc. In the $2.50 range I have seen dvdpro and princo. Does anyone have any info on these or any feelings on how they work, etc...? Please post your results and preferences, thank you.
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  2. I found pretty cheap media at but I haven't tested out yet to see how compatible it is, but considering the price, I guess it's worth a try!
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  3. Haven't tried the Princo yet -
    But the $3 Optodisc from hasn't worked in any of the standalone players that I have tried yet.

    Apex - 660
    Sony - 500
    Panasonic 5disc (forgot the model)
    Playstation 2

    if you find something cheap and compatible, let us know!
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  4. I've tried the CD-RW from the site I gave you above, and I've tested the two types, the 3.99 one and the 4.99 one, and they both worked. I didn't watch the whole movie, so I don't know if it'll freeze at some point (I've heard people complaining about this, so I don't if it'll happen). My DVD player is a Dual DVD-VCR from GoVideo. My boyfriend also tested on his Sony player (don't know the model)
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  5. Apple are supposed to be the best and are available off their website for around UKP4.
    Verbatmin are also another good choice but are slighly more expensive
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