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  1. Is there a program like DVD Shrink but burns Blu-Ray files to the computer instead of DVD. I want to backup my Blu-Ray Collection and I have a DVD/Blu-Ray Burner. However it says It only reads blu-ray discs so I don't know if that can transfer to the computer if I find a blu-ray writing program similar to DVD Shrink?
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    There are several programs for backing up BDs. Depends on what you want. A main movie from a BD is about 25 - 30GB. If you want much smaller, then you have to re-encode. If you want menus, etc, a bit more complicated. A BD is a entirely different structure than a DVD, so nothing quite like DVD Shrink exists for it. You can create BD backups that will play on some BD set top players.

    You also need a BD decrypter program to be able to transfer the BD files to your hard drive. One version of DVDFab HD Decrypter is free, AnyDVD HD is not.

    Probably what you are looking for is a program like BD Rebuilder. I use RipBot instead and convert the main movie to a 8GB MKV with AC3 audio. I retain the framesize. There are several other BD programs in our 'Tools' section to the left.
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  3. I'm guessing that when you say DVD/Blu-Ray burner you mean a combo drive, i.e. BD-ROM (reader only) and DVD burner. If that's the case then yeah, you can rip a BD disc to hard drive. Best if it's a large capacity separate drive and not the OS drive.

    In addition to redwudz' suggestions, I'd recommend DVDFabPasskey. Free for the time being and works like AnyDVDHD. Just run it in the background and copy the disc contents to a folder on your hard drive.

    BDRB is a good possibility, particularly if you want to do full disc re-encodes. You can de-select audio tracks and subs if you wish, which saves space, also downconvert audio for more space. I'll offer a rule of thumb: less than 4,500 kbps bitrate for a target of BD5 (single-layer DVDR). That's about 1 hour 55 minutes main-movie, converting the audio to 448 AC3.. You *may* find that acceptable on an HDTV up to 50" or so, a bitrate less than that is IMO, definitely not acceptable. Otherwise, re-encode to BD9.

    Which leaves the question of whether you have a standalone player which will play AVCHD. Some players, Sony among them, will play Blu-Ray structure on DVDR. Others may do movie-only or require the strict AVCHD option in BDRB. You may even have to "patch" the index file to get the disc to play. So what is the make/model your standalone Blu-Ray player?
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