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    hello everybody

    i'm trying to run mp4-videos on iphones and if possible on smartphones with android os. most of my source material is quicktime or mp4 with high resolution.

    i tried converting the videos with Adobe Media Encoder CS4, SUPER and XMEDIA RECODE. also i tried editing the files with mp4creator for android-compatibility at the end.

    none of my files run on the iphone. it always says that it failed to run the videofile.

    the settings i use are:
    mp4 container
    h264 video codec
    aac sound codec

    i tried tweaking the settings. none of them work, at least on the iphone. android seems better.

    anybody got an idea? is there any other tool that can be used to convert files to mp4 for iphone. it has to be a tool with editing options. for example i have to be able to select the h264-level, bitrates of course, fps and the resolution. the resolution should be 768x576 and i should be able to keep the original aspect ratio of the movie and fill in the rest with black.

    im really desperate on this one. need help!
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    I use a program called ipodme. It is fast and gives very nice quality for your iphone.
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    Are you sure about the resolution? That is much higher than an iphone can handle.
    Try Format Factory and select one of the iphone presets.
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